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What Is AAARRGH!!?


"Nothing Must Stop Me! Nothing Can!"
acrylic and silkscreen on canvas,
48" x 60" 
1997 Len Whitney

n two decades of working out,  I've seen all kinds of approaches to getting and staying in shape.  The sad reality for many starts with the first well-meaning weeks of gung-ho enthusiasm.  But without guidance, continued motivation and developing a sense of fun and enjoyment for the fitness process (as well as for the results),  most new exercisers either flounder and get frustrated, push too hard and can't keep it up, or just get bored...

Ever wonder how the big fitness chains and health clubs can offer these amazing deals  (i.e., three year memberships for only $15 - 20 a month, or a second year free when you sign up for an annual plan)?  The truth is, they know that after your initial rush of enthusiasm, chances are you'll drop by the wayside and keep paying them for NOTHING.

An astounding 50% of those who start exercise programs drop out completely within the first six months.  An even sadder statistic:  30% of Americans do not participate in any leisure-time physical activity at all.

You may think I'm some kind of freak, but I love working out.  Even when I'm on vacation, I always look for the (usually pitiful) so-called "gym" or "workout room" at whatever hotel I stay in.

Whatever else goes wrong in my life, my body and my health are the one area where I feel like I have some control. I know most people feel the opposite, that their weight or their skinny arms or sagging butts are the one thing they'll never be able to control.  I've been there, too.  Three years ago I relocated back home to LA after living in NY, and all the stress of moving and finding a new career made me blow up like a balloon.  Every one of my friends was great at enabling me to stay fat -- "You're a big guy, you look fine," they'd say.  "At your age, you're not going to look the same as you did when you were twenty."  That's all I had to hear, and I was on the stairmaster and treadmill.  40 lbs. lighter and a lot happier, here I am today.

Exercise is like the opposite of a vicious cycle.  If you stick to it, you see the results, which makes you want to stick to it more, and soon you enjoy what started out as drudgery and punishment.  Then more results, then you like it even more.  Before you know it, a way of life is born.

AAARRGH!! is my way of sharing my success, promoting fitness in an enjoyable, focused yet fun approach.  I'm not a kid, nor a steroid freak.  I'm a well-muscled, attractive grown man.  But I have star quality -- when I make an entrance, I can light up the room.  When you can be confident and comfortable in your own body, you appear far more attractive than the raw materials you start with.  Living up to the superhero inside you -- that's what AAARGH!! is about.


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